New Publication: Pathways for Dialogue in the New Ecumenism

A collection of essays  from an ecumenical conference in Assissi, Italy  in 2012,  Pathways for Dialogue  is a compelling exploration of what it means for  Christianity to take differences seriously in the contemporary world.   Models for such dialogue illustrate a variety of pathways that move beyond the constraining requirements of orthodoxy.  One  example is the ministries of Saint  Clare and Saint Francis  of Assissi  which  illustrate ecumenism  characterized by mutual charity, dialogue and peace relations,  and a praxis of presence.  An account of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan   provides a liturgical ecumenical model  characterized as “loose, empty, push” for interfaith interaction.  While quite  different forms of dialogue, these essays  share  the  intended purpose of Christian dialogue to humanize the other and create solidarity.

Mary McClintock Fulkerson and Elaine Padilla




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