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The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church

By: Raymond G. Helmick SJ

About The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in the United States and Europe has seen declining numbers both in regular attendance and in clergy and religious life.Scandals have torn at people’s allegiance, and feelings of disappointment, disillusion, and anger have become widespread. Church authorities have seemed reluctant to acknowledge or address these problems and have responded with vexation to those who raise them from the Right or Left. The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church examines the roots of this crisis in light of the nature of the Church community, its institutional structure, and the historical experiences that have brought it to this pass. Raymond Helmick, SJ, traces the problems of the Catholic Church far back in its history – concentration of Church leadership on control of the Christian population, a requirement of obedience to their rulings rather than on the Gospel values of Jesus, the defensiveness and self-righteousness in the face of any criticism. Helmick also emphasizes the role of the Second Vatican Council as it brought the Church to an awareness of its potentiality for an active life of faith by its total membership.
How will the Church revive? Helmick believes that a new growth of Christianity can come now only by a return to the love and care of its original premises, to the things that are redolent of the life of Jesus. The ‘new evangelization’ can only be done by living a Christian life, giving an example.

Table Of Contents

1. The Nature of the Crisis
2. How the Church has Handled Grave Crises in the Past
3. The Monolith Church as it Emerged from the French Revolution
4. Between the Two Vatican Councils: The Church Striving to Find Itself
5. Vatican Council II: Its First Period, 1962
6. The Council Without Pope John
7. Bringing the Council to Its Conclusion
8. Why was the Council So Important?
9. The Crisis Begins to Set In
10. Pope John Paul II
11. Sex Scandal in the New Millennium
12. What Shall Be Done?


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