Christianity and Religions in China: Past-Present-Future 

Tenth International Gathering of the

Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network

Hong Kong, 20-24 July 2016

The Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network invites you to its tenth annual international conference which will take place in Hong Kong, China, between July 20-24, 2016. The main program will take place at Ming Hua Theological College and other ecumenical partners in Hong Kong. There will also be cultural and religious events incorporated as part of the main program.

The conference takes as its theme the multi-faceted topic of ‘Christianity and Religions in China: Past Present Future’ and will run from Wednesday 20-Sunday 24 July 2016. The event will explore interchurch issues, intra-church issues, interfaith dialogue and issues concerning interaction and dialogue between the wider world and societies in which faith communities live out their existence. While the primary focus will be very much on the Chinese context, presentations on Christianity and religion in Asia in general and in other Asian contexts are also most welcome.

Call for Papers

We invite submissions for consideration on papers relating to the following themes:

(although ​​p​aper​s​ on additional themes are also very welcome​):​

  • Church, Churches and Christianity in the Chinese context with attention to each of the historical, contemporary and future eras.
  • Religion in China in general.
  • Chinese religious and philosophical traditions and their interaction with Christianity historically and in the present day.
  • The story and continued legacy of missions in China.
  • Christian and religious educational institutions in China and Asia.
  • Christianity and Buddhism – interaction, dialogue, comparative studies and trajectories
  • Christianity and Confucianism – interaction, dialogue, comparative studies and trajectories
  • Asian contextual theologies – especially in Asia, North American, Europe, Oceania
  • Asia-American Theology, especially ecclesiological contributions.
  • Migration and Christianity
  • Multiple Religious belonging in Chinese and Asian contexts.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 200 words and a brief biography (150 words) along with your contact details to the online form available here. Please do not submit abstracts to conference organizers by email.

The gathering will have very limited space so we encourage submissions as soon as possible. Deadline for paper submissions: January 31st 2016

Details on registration for the conference and the separate booking for accommodation will become available on December 10th 2015.

Accepted papers can later be expanded and considered for publication in the proceedings of the event – although obviously acceptance of a paper for presentation does not entail acceptance of expanded paper for publication (which will be subject to peer review). All presenters will be responsible for their own costs, travel and visa arrangements etc. to attend. We regret that the conference organizers cannot offer any assistance or advice with regard to such matters. The conference registration fee will cover only admission to the event, no accommodation which needs to be booked separately. Full details to follow.


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