Continuum/Bloomsbury Publications Series:


Christian Community Now: Ecclesiological Investigations ,

By Paul CollinsGerard MannionGareth Powell and Kenneth Wilson

Receiving ‘The Nature and Mission of the Church’Ecclesial Reality and Ecumenical Horizons for the 21st CenturyEds. Paul Collins and Michael Fahey;

Comparative Ecclesiology: Critical Investigations

Ed. Gerard Mannion

Church and Religious Other: Questions on Truth, Unity and Diversity,

Ed. Gerard Mannion.

Ecumenical EcclesiologyUnity, Diversity and Otherness in a Fragmented World

Ed. Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen with a Foreword by Linda Hogan (September 2009)

Globalization and the Mission of the Church by Neil J. Ormerod and Shane Clifton (Jan 2010)

 Friendship: Exploring its Implications for the Church in Postmodernity

by Steve Summers (Jan 2010)

 Agreeable Agreement: An Examination of the Quest for Consensus in Ecumenical Dialogue

by Minna Hietamäki (April 2010)

Being Faithful: Christian Commitment in Modern Society

by Judith A. Merkle (01 Nov 2010)

DenominationAssessing an Ecclesiological Category

Eds. Paul M. Collins and Barry Ensign-George (July  2011)

Media of John Calvin's Ecclesiology

John Calvin’s Ecclesiology

Eds. Eddy van der Borght and Gerard Mannion (13 Apr 2011)

Communion, Diversity and Salvation: The Contribution of Jean-Marie Tillard to Systematic Ecclesiology

by Brian Flanagan (August 2011)

Media of Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology

Dumitru Staniloae: An Ecumenical Ecclesiology 

by Radu Bordeianu (August 2011)

Media of Church, Liberation and World Religions

Church, Liberation and World Religions

by Mario I. Aguilar (Dec 2012)

Media of Doctrine, Dynamic and Difference

Doctrine, Dynamic and Difference: To the Heart of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Differentiated Consensus on Justification

by Pieter de Witte (May 2012)

Media of Democracy in the Christian Church

Democracy in the Christian Church

by Luca Badini Confalonieri (Jul 2012)

Media of Perpetually Reforming: A Theology of Church Reform and Renewal

Perpetually Reforming: A Theology of Church Reform and Renewal

by John P. Bradbury (Apr 2013)




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