This Group is a part of the Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network, which seeks to serve as a hub for national and international collaboration in ecclesiology, drawing together other groups and networks, initiating research ventures, providing administrative support, as well as acting as a facilitator to support conversations, research, and education in this field. Hence the network exists to promote collaborative ecclesiology. The Network’s five fundamental aims are as follows:

The establishment of partnerships between scholars, research projects, and research centers across the world

The development of virtual, textual, and actual conversation between the many persons and groups involved in research and debate about ecclesiology

Organizing and sharing in colloquia, symposia, and conferences

Encouraging joint teaching and exchanges of postgraduate students and faculty

Publishing the best fruits of all such collaboration in our T&T Clark (Continuum) series of volumes entitled Ecclesiological Investigations, as well as in the journal Ecclesiology (Brill), published in association with the Network. The Network is a “network of networks” serving a “church of churches.”


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