Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion

Washington DC

November 18-21, 2006

1. The Nature and Mission of the Church: Ecclesial Reality and Ecumenical Horizons for the Twenty-First Century

A panel where speakers attempt to discern the significance of the 2006 document from the World Council of Churches document, offering doctrinal, theological and hermeneutical perspectives upon its formation and content and to attempt to discern its potential ecumenical ramifications. Speakers may also address futures for ecumenical dialogue and the development of an ecumenical ecclesiology in general.

Paul Collins, University of Chichester: The Nature and Mission of the Church Communion: God, Creation, and Church

Peter De Mey, Catholic University of Leuven: How to Express the Link between the Church and the Holy Trinity in a Common Ecumenical Discourse? An Analysis of Recent Ecumenical Documents on the Nature of the Church

Risto Saarinen, University of Helsinki: Called to be the One Church? The Unity Statements of the WCC and Their Reception in the Document “The Nature and Mission of the Church”

Wolfgang Vondey, Regent University: Pentecostal Perspectives on The Nature and Mission of the Church

Korinna Zamfir, Babes-Bolyai University: Is There a Future for the Catholic-Protestant Ecclesiological Dialogue? The Non-reception and a Challenge for Ecumenical Dialogue

Bradford E. Hinze, Fordham University: Are Councils and Synods Decision Making? A Roman Catholic Conundrum in Ecumenical Perspective


Fr K. M. George, Orthodox Seminary, India

2. Comparative Ecclesiology: Engaging the Work of Roger Haight and Exploring the Nature, Method, and Development of Comparative Ecclesiology for the Future

A papers session exploring topics such as the nature, method and development of comparative ecclesiology; appreciations of Roger Haight’s Christian Community in History; and papers the promise of engagements in comparative ecclesiology in wider contexts such as feminist, social scientific, historical and inter-faith perspectives.

Minna Hietamäki, Helsinki University: Is Comparative Ecclesiology Enough for the Oikoumene? Remarks on Roger Haight’s Comparative Ecclesiology in the Light of Recent Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogues

Reid Locklin, University of Toronto: A More Comparative Ecclesiology? Bringing Comparative Theology to the Ecclesiological Table

Gerard M. Jacobitz, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia: Church and Sacramentality: The Theology of Symbol in Roger Haight’s Comparative Ecclesiology

Ann M. Caron, St. Joseph College, Hartford: Toward an Inclusive Ecclesial Communion?


Roger D. Haight, Union Theological Seminary, New York


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